The University of Siena Master Course in

Molecular Genetics and Diseases



The main objective of the program is to train professionals in the field of molecular genetics, providing them with a deep knowledge in genome/transcriptome structure and related techniques of analysis. In particular, students will have the opportunity to be trained on the following topics: molecular mechanisms of the most common human genetic diseases; Key processes in carcinogenesis and tumor progression; Chromosome analysis (standard karyotype and array-CGH); mutation detection (Sanger sequencing and NGS); Transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq; Real Time qPCR); Bioinformatics tools for genome-wide data analysis; Genetic reprogramming (iPSCs) and neuronal differentiation for the study of neurodevelopmental diseases.

At the end of the Master, the candidate must be able to work with high-level responsibilities in the field of molecular genetics, particularly in the development and application of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive procedures, based on the latest generation technologies.

The program

The training program lasts 1 years. Formal lessons will be held in Siena and it engages the student for a total of 8 weeks scattered throughout the year. The internship lasts 550 hours. It is possible to carry out the internship also in more than one center prior approval of the Teaching Board.

Admission Requirements

This Master is acessible by graduate students with bachelor degree or master degree in Medical Biotechnologies, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques.

The Master is open to a maximum of 25 partecipants selected on the basis of their curriculum by the professors of the Teaching Board.

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